Monday, February 28, 2011

Game Playing Followers

I see that I am not alone in the love of game playing! :) It so fun to see the guesses and comments. One guesser in particular is very talented, as she guessed it exactly!! But before I disclose the number and winner I want to share some information with you--no scrolling down to see the winner. (By the way, I would totally do that!!)

We have had several people ask us about our fundraising stuff. I am excited to share with you the name of the company that has helped us out immensely on our fundraising. The company, ADVERTISING AUTHORITIES, is owned and run by our great friends. Their daughter and my daughter spent the first 8-10 months of their lives together in an orphanage in Xiushan, China. They have since brought home a son from China, too. I know they would love helping other families fundraise, from t-shirts to mugs to pens to just about anything! (They have an in- house graphic designer to help with design.)

If you are considering any fundraising or printing projects (church, work, etc..) please consider supporting their business. I know what a love they have for the Lord and adoption!

We couldn't do any of this with out their help and your support!! In just over 2 weeks, we sold 116 t-shirts!!! I am so amazed at the outpouring of sweet comments, encouraging words, and paypal orders! :) Honestly...that was many more than we had expected. I hope that each of you love your shirts and wear them joyfully. After such success, I am pretty sure you'll be seeing the colored shirts again soon... maybe with a twist :). Anyone want to try to guess the twist.........just kidding!

Melissa--send me an email with your address!! What a great guess.


  1. Hurray! 116 is a great number! So - do the mugs go on sale tomorrow?!?

  2. I am SOOOOO ready to order my mug and going to start my Christmas shopping too!!!

  3. Hi!!! Our little girl is from Xiushan also!! When did you adopt her? Kaylee is 2 1/2... Our gotcha day is 8/3/2009. The shirt we bought for her is special...but now it is super special!! If you ordered any extra...YXS...I would love to get them for our travel group...we are having a reunion in May!!

    Take care,

  4. I can't believe you have a Xiushan girl at your house. Our oldest is from Xiushan too.