Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Swim meet weekend

This is where we spent our a crowded YMCA gym with loads of people literally camped out for three days. Ethan (12) and Ben (10) were very excited to be participating in a regional swim meet of this size. We had a fun, long, and exhausting time cheering for them and their teammates. They came home from practice tonight with their medals. So in true mom fashion, I made them stand together so we could document their success with a photograph....I should have known better! :)
(Ethan lovingly and roughly cleaning some spaghetti sauce off of his brother's face.)
I don't want to be a bragging mom..but I am so proud of how hard and fast they swam.
After a full weekend away from home, this is how the girls spent most of Monday
in pajamas playing with play dough.

T-SHIRT AND MUG ORDERS: just an update on those 116! shirt orders that went to the printer this week; hoping to get those mailed out to you as soon as they come in. I am working now on getting all our mailing supplies in order. The mugs are still on back order. I am hoping to hear about those by the end of the week and I'll let you know. Thank you to everyone who inquired about them....leading me to think you are considering an order. WONDERFUL!!


  1. Congratulations Ethan and Ben! Awesome job! Have I ever told you that when my Ben was born the two names we went to the hospital with are Ethan and Ben? :) You have good taste in names! Also, I think Ella has the same pajamas that Lindsay has on in the picture. :)

    Can't wait to hear about the mugs!

  2. So cute!!! Love your "crazy" picture too! :)

  3. Why to go Ethan and Ben! Hey...if momma can't brag on her kids, who can? Can't wait to see all the shirts.

  4. Love swimmers and yes swim meets are so long!