Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Earning Pennies

A few posts back I did one titled Pinching Pennies. This post I want to share with you my new job (ha!) to help Earn Pennies. There is a longish story that goes with how it came about but I am now a consultant with Scentsy. Have you ever heard of it?
My niece, Dani, and I at my open house launch party.

My disclaimer: I am really not a sales person and never saw myself doing something like this. However, it was pretty clear to me that this was an opportunity for me to do something to help with adoption costs. (And hopefully, after the adoption is final to have a little extra fun money.) I have had three very successful parties--nothing of my doing, but a testimony to a fun product and my great friends that seem to support me in all my crazy endeavors.

I wanted to share about this because it may be a good way for some of you to do the same. (I would be happy to answer any questions about it if you are interested.)

Moral of this post: Never say never... :)


  1. oooh-- love candle warmers-- how do they compare with yankee candle on smell and amount of hours?? you could do an online partay!

  2. i love scentsy!!!! skinny dippin all the way!

  3. So glad you're off to a good start!! You go girl!!

  4. Emily-Scentsy warmer and scents are much, much better than yankee candle ones! :) Like the online party idea--orders can be online through

    Brooke-let's clarify that skinny dipping is a Scentsy scent! :)

    Suzanne- you get the cheerleader award! Thanks for the encouragement!