Thursday, March 17, 2011

Introducing a new "got love?' shirt!

We had planned on waiting until April 1 to do another round of shirt orders but thanks to you all--we are starting now. I cannot thank you enough. The first order of colored and tye dye shirts went out and so many of you spread the love!! I saw posts on Facebook about the shirts, pictures of families (can't wait to share) and even a give-away! All of these things resulted in several emails asking about ordering.

And so...why wait? You can order your colored and tye dye shirts, NOW. Did I mention the new twist? Just in time for spring and Mother's Day!
(I just wish the photographer hadn't cut the rest of my head off, but you get the idea.)

The new baseball style t-shirt! Available in women's size small-Xlarge. $20 XXL $22
The very popular tye dye t-shirt. Available in youth Xsmall - adult Xlarge $20 XXl, XXXl $22
The women's fitted short sleeve light t-shirt. Available in women's size small-Xlarge $20 XXl $22
Available in pink, purple and iris blue.

A rainbow of solid colors. Available in youth Xsmall-adult Xlarge $15, XXL $17, XXXL $18
Solid colors include: black, sapphire blue, navy, military green, Irish green, red, orange, pink, purple and dark heather. See below!!
***Orders placed between March 18 and April 5 will be mailed out around April 12. After that we will continue taking orders in two week increments as long as the demand is there--keep sharing about our fundraiser, please!

*We still have the black travel mugs, cotton totes, and car decals to order, too.

We aren't having such good luck with the colored mugs. Last I heard they are still on back order. We are looking at some other options and travel mugs/cups but wanted to make shirts available while interest is high!

Email me if you were wanting shirts for the whole family. I cannot wait to share some pictures we have received from families that wore our shirts for their homecoming celebrations!!

We are headed for a weekend away with my family to celebrate my dad's birthday. Hoping to have lots of pictures to share on Tuesday, hopefully including a new family colored shirt picture. HAVE A GREAT WEEKEND!!


  1. Big, big news!!!! Lovin' the new shirts. Lovin' it!!!!!

  2. wearing my hot pink got love right now and loving it!

  3. suweet!!!!!!!!! i am so glad you need to order again! we do our drawing today- and soooooooooo many people loved it! so lots should be ordering this weekend!!!!!

  4. Just got back from Spring Break, and there was a note that I have a box waiting at the Post Office...wonder what it is? ;-) Can't wait to go get them!!!

    Have a wonderful weekend. Happy Birthday to your Dad.

  5. Love my new shirt - it arrived this last week! Thanks!

  6. Yeah, i wondered if you would sell more, Ella looks so cute and i plan to to a post on you but i don't know where my time goes...anyhow, i think i will get more for the boys and us!

    Ps what size does your kiddos where..that will help me with the boys sizing!

  7. Got our shirts today and can't wait to wear them. They are great and hope it makes people think!

  8. I love that baseball shirt! I've got to get one! :)

  9. Hi, I love these. Can you tell me which size I should order for my youngest? She is almost 5 but is tiny. She normally wears a 3T or 4T shirt and I like shirts on the bigger side. You could email me at Thanks!

  10. Do the back of the t shirts have anything on them? I love the 147 million orphans statement that is on the tote bags and mugs, but would much rather have a t shirt. If that's on the back then hooray! Thanks so much. Beth