Wednesday, March 9, 2011

The "got love?" rainbow

The shirts are in. The shirts are bold. The shirts are colorful. The shirts are awesome!!!
Only the girls were home with me when the boxes arrived. They couldn't wait to put their shirts on.
They were just as excited as I was to see all the vibrant colors, that is until they saw the empty boxes....

As I pulled stack after stack of shirts out, I seriously got teary. Who would have thought? I remember the night Tim told me of his "got love?" adopt. idea. (It was in March 2010. Can't remember the date--wouldn't that have been cool if it had been 3-8-10?!) I loved the logo right away--and have been overwhelmed with thanks to see how much you all like it too.

Each shirt to me represents one step in the direction of our little one's life. I am sure he/she is born. I am sure he/she will fit right into our family. I am sure he/she will be perfect. And so with each box and envelope I seal up today and tomorrow I will think of my fifth child...who, although I don't know him/her, my heart is really starting to miss.

A HUGE thank you to Advertising Authorities, who did an incredible job on our order. Please remember them for all your printing needs: 1-800-948-4328

If you haven't heard of newest Ethiopia adoption news, please check out Amy's blog where you can learn more and more importantly sign a petition. There are many, many orphans and forever families that this may impact.


  1. What beautiful shirts! Love all the vibrant colors! :)

  2. love it!! (and totally loving the Poppie Lane headband to go with!) :)

  3. It looks great and the girls are adorable - both with the shirts and the empty boxes!

    About 2 weeks ago I was at worship, singing, and I saw this little baby (around 5ish months old) with cute little fingers and hands grabbing the back of his Mommy's shirt and I cried. I wanted to hold my baby in my arms (who is probably very close in age to this baby). It's strange the amount you can start to miss them before knowing them. Praying we BOTH get referrals soon (come on SWS, it would be great to travel together!).

  4. Kelly-

    I saw the comment you left on my blog, and I would LOVE to do a swap! I have been admiring your shirts for quite some time now, but didn't have much extra money right now because of our adoption - you know how it is, right? Anyway, I will try to email you when I get home. I'm headed back from a trip right now, and for some strange reason, my email won't work when I'm away from home. I can receive emails, but can't send. :( Anyway, love your idea, and I'll talk to you soon! :)

  5. Did you guys order extra of the tie-dye??? I kept meaning to order one....

  6. Me too! I'd love to order a tie-dye... How do I specify which color(s) I wanted?


  7. oooppps, forgot my

  8. Oooooo can't wait, can't wait! Oh, and if my box happens to arrive with one or both of those sweet girls in it, that'd be ok too. :)

  9. Hi Kelly - Thank you so much! Let me know what colors you have in XL, just in case they run small. xoxo