Monday, February 21, 2011

Hitting the wall!!

It was bound to happen. Our ticker passed the 6 month mark and I hardly noticed! Life has been busy and good. Fundraising has been busy and great. (We have been very humbled and encouraged by all of you who have invested in our family!)

I have completed several marathons. In each one, I got to a point that I hit a wall. (My first, I actually sat on the curb and cried.) I am happy to say I have been able to finish each one. The wall certainly hurts and causes a bit of a set back...but keeping my eyes on the finish (and bragging rights :), I have been able to cross the finish line.

And so we set out on the "adoption marathon" last spring. Thrilled to have honed in on our child's country, agency, and the paperwork chase. What momentum I had. I, literally after learning how to email, started a blog..thanks to a very patient husband!! Our fundraising began. I started feeling like I should introduce myself as

"My name is Kelly. It has been __weeks since my last fundraiser."

You name it, we did it....thanks to very patient friends!!

Yesterday afternoon, my four kids asked--seriously, they did--for Tim to blockade them in the playroom. The four of them happily entered the room with water bottles, a couple of bagels, and a banana. Tim then closed the doors and.....
I considered working on a post about God's provision through our (and your) adoption process. Every once and a while, a face would appear for a quick wave.
As I laid on the couch, which I am sure did nothing to help in the motivating process, I hit the wall. I had trouble formulating my thoughts. My blog writing, not that it was over the moon exciting before, suffered a set back. I wanted very much to convey how the Lord has provided and will continue to provide for my family..and yours, especially if you start out on an "adoption marathon". Have you ever wanted to write such a great, truth-possessing post that you can't even write anything?

Nothing, that is, except how to have a few quiet hours in your home to think and rest by blocking your children in one room for hours with only some bread and water? I'm thinking that isn't going to pack the punch I was hoping for....but it is my life! :)


  1. Oh Kelly - that's where I've been the past week. I really was OK until then. Doing better but still praying that call comes SOON! For both of us! Wouldn't it be great if we traveled at the same time. ;) As long as it's soon! :) Sending up a prayer for you. Looking forward to those coffee mugs in March! :)

  2. I'm sorry Kelly! I continue to pray for you and Christy and that your referrals come soon!

  3. Monica - you're so sweet! By the way, Kelly. I wanted to tell you that I love the barricaded room with all the kids inside!!! :)

  4. he he he....too funny. Sounds like a great trick to me :)
    The LOOOONNNNGGGG road is sometimes filled with profound moments, sometimes quiet ones, sometimes tears, sometimes going full steam, and sometimes it feels like nothing is going to happen.....but praying for you in all those!

  5. Praying you guys get the call really soon. That is pretty funny your kids wanted to be shut in the room. Atleast they all got along while they were in there:)

  6. Thanks for the comment on my WIWW post! And I'm a new follower of yours! Not sure if you found my blog through the Pleated Poppy, or if you keep up with your followers and saw my little pic there, but either way, I'm glad I found your blog! My husband and I are planning on starting the adoption process within the next year, and I am finding great comfort and wonderful information in all of the adoption blogs I've found! Praying for your family! :)

  7. OH Kelly...totally get this! I've been feeling the same way lately and then God reminded me a couple days ago that I need to be filling myself up with I get so busy checking facebook, blogs, our yahoo group...seeing if there's any movement. While it's great to celebrate the referrals and chldren being united with their forever families it's easy to start making that my priority. And then I start feeling a bit like I've hit the wall. With one marathon under my belt I KNOW that feeling too well! :) I'm praying for your family as you move closer to your sweetie! There is nothing sweeter that that finish line!!
    P.S. LOVE the pics of your kids peeking through the window! So cute!