Saturday, November 5, 2011

Blogger's Block

The past couple of weeks I've had some blogger's block.
I'm going to attribute it to the anticipation in my heart in seeing my fifth child's face! My curiosity is on overload: boy or girl, chubby or thin, hair or hairless, age, etc... I can only equate it to the last days of pregnancy when you wake up wondering is this the day?

We are also working on updating our fingerprints and homestudy--thank you, Korean government for the delay so we could have some more fees and paperwork! :)

And since my mind is occupied with our referral...I'll ask you to join me!

For our end-of-the-month give away, I ask you to take a guess as to when our referral will arrive. (Actually the day of "the call" as we will receive the referral packet with picture the next day.)
I'll start a chart of names and guesses--the correct day guessers will go in a hat and a winner picked at the end of the month. If we don't receive our referral this month then we will just pick a name at random to win a Minus 1 Project fundraising item.

Next week begins our Birthday Craziness--3 birthdays in 5 days!
If you don't hear from me, I'll be buried in birthday decorations crashing from my birthday cake sugar high--
as if the bags of candy corn I've consumed isn't enough!!

(new necklace with or without earrings, just added to the store)
A great gift idea...the kind that gives twice!

Bring on the guesses--more importantly, bring on our referral!!
Secretly, I'd love for this game to end by Monday, lunchtime! :)


  1. Yes! I was hoping you were going to do this!!! I'm going with November 14th! ;)Ring phone ring!

  2. Hey there my favorite blogger!!! Been FOREVER since I have been over here! Lovin' that the referral is in the air! I am going to guess November 11...11/11/ numbers, my husbands birthday, and it was just be so fun to have a referral on a fun number day. ;-) I have got to head over to your shop and place an order...waited long enough and you have SOOO much fun new stuff. Have a great weekend my friend.

  3. I will go with Nov. 27th but I am fine losing this one and having it come sooner! Oh how exciting it will be when you get that call!

  4. Blogger didn't let my comment post so here goes again. :)
    Feeling the same way as you! Not sure what to say, thinking about our baby a lot! Praying all the time and so excited to find out!

    I want to say Monday, hoping Monday or Tuesday of THIS WEEK! For all 3 of us (I see you up there Monica)! :) But since I always guess wrong I'm not going to pick those dates. Gotta love my logic! 11/15! The 16th will be 2 years since we started this journey so if you get your referral on the 15th and they overnight it, you would be seeing his/her face on the 16th. :)

  5. November 21st!


  6. November 16th is my guess- We'll be meeting our son in Russia for the first time that day! Can't wait to hear the good news!

  7. November 17th was the first date that stuck out when I looked at the calendar. Praying the phone rings soon!!

  8. 11/22/11, I don't know why, I just like those numbers. Easy to remember. I hope for your sake it's sooner!

  9. Hmmm, what a fun game person you!

    Love the jewerly!

    Lets, see i am gonna say a referal will be 11/11/11 because that has LUCK written all over it!

  10. How about the 22nd? No reason, just a good day! I can't wait to see THAT announcement on here!!

  11. DEC 2nd:) thats my guess although I hope its before:)

  12. I'm going to guess November 25th, but I hope it's way before too!

  13. Oh, I am just right there with you! I'm gonna go with November 17th. : )