Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Lucille is...


Yesterday was Lucy's fifth birthday.

I remember being so uncertain when we found out we were expecting. Our paperwork had been in China for over a year and, silly us, we thought we would be seeing our Chinese daughter's photo any day.

I was shocked and thrilled...but so afraid that it would disrupt our adoption. My heart was so in love with a little Chinese baby girl I hadn't seen yet. The miracle of adoption: I was completely devoted to my daughter a ocean away.

I wasted the next few weeks feeling guilty over not being thrilled with my pregnancy and fearful our adoption would never be complete.

As God's timing would have it, the Chinese program continued to slow down, our agency approved our desire to continue with our adoption and our sweet Lucille was born!

Eight months later, we boarded a plane to meet our second daughter.
And we have the privilege of raising our "virtual twins" born 3 months apart.

Moral of the story: God's timing, period.


  1. Love this!! Happy Birthday, Lucy!! Hope you have lots of fun being 5!!

  2. Happy Birthday Lucy!!!

    LOVE God's timing- we have virtual triplets and couldn't love them any less!!!!!

  3. Happy birthday Lucy!!!!!!


  4. Happy Birthday to your sweet Lucy. Loved the story you shared about the timing...God's plan is so perfect!

  5. Happy Sweet Birthday! She is just adorable.

  6. Happy Birthday, Lucy!!! You are such a cutie pie!

  7. Happy Birthday Lucy! She and Ella are less than a month apart. :) So happy your family has been put together through God's awesome plan. Hugs!!! Can't stand the cuteness of those pictures! :)

  8. Happy birthday Lucy!! I hope you have a great time being a big 5 year old! I hope to see you soon!