Tuesday, November 1, 2011

The Roberts Six

Thanks to the blogging world, my path has been crossed with a sweet family that work with Samaritan's Purse International Relief in Nairobi, Kenya. They brought their son home from Ethiopia this past summer and work tirelessly for the people in and near their village. I wanted to share a recent post of hers and ask that you consider a donation--of any amount.

Before reading: picture your children as they play in and outside of your home. Think of their comfort and safety that you are so blessed to be able to provide for them.

After reading: seriously consider if you could make a donation for this real need. You can find all of the Roberts' contact information on their blog, The Roberts Six.

When you donate--any amount--leave me a comment or email letting me know (I don't want to know the amount) and we will enter your name in to win a "got love? adopt" or (-1) hoodie. Let's all pitch in to help and bring a bit more freedom and peace to the children and caretakers!

We Need Help

Many of you know we work with an orphanage in Kenya. We have been trying to raise money to put a fence around the building there. The fence will cost about $3000USD, and we have about $1000USD so far. We just received an email this morning from Rosemary about the urgency of this need. They have had hyena and a leopard in the yard at night. The night guard is scared and won't come out of his building. Who wouldn't be scared of them?! A hyena actually came in the yard just the other day during the day. It scared the housemother, she couldn't go out of the home to use the bathroom, and was scared for the children coming back from school. The children are not able to go out of the home to use the outhouse either. So, they have to use a bucket inside. This is a real need. And we need help. Can you help? Please email
us if you are interested.

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