Monday, June 11, 2012

Almost 2 months home!

We've been home, as a family of 7, now for almost 2 months.  The time has gone by quickly.  We continue to be amazed at Carson and his adjustment.  He has settled right into our crazy family--and has brought us so many laughs.  There are those days that he passes by me and I realize, in a way, that he is here.  That he is home.  And that I cannot imagine our lives without him.

He has stolen the heart of his four siblings...

The look on his face when Tim arrives home, brings us all great joy.

And, then there is me, who most of the time is behind the camera.  I'm trying to catch all these moments--usually with tears in my eyes.  It can't ever be captured as pure and sweet as I feel it.  It is a privilege to watch your family accept and love it's newest member.  

He is here.  He is home.  

And I cannot image our lives without him.