Friday, June 15, 2012

So much better than a photo..

From the day we decided to start the process to adopt, my mind would dream of the day we would get to see the picture of our child.  I would see other referral photos and wonder if our child would be sitting up or laying down, smiling or frowning, hair or hairless, etc...  And as many of you have experienced, or will one day hopefully, once that picture arrives it is hard to let an hour go by without studying it.
I caught Lindsey staring at his picture more than once!

We received Carson's photo just before Thanksgiving, perfect timing for Christmas card pictures. :)
Thanksgiving Day, 2011

The girls even ate their Thanksgiving dessert with Carson. :)

We celebrated Carson's first birthday at a local frozen yogurt place.

We returned to celebrate his one month home.

There are so many milestones in the adoption process, but none as worthy of celebration, as being home.  So take heart, all you mommas out there still in the process.  Your day is coming and you will be the crazy one spotted all over town with a framed picture wearing a birthday hat. 

Don't lose heart in the long wait.  It is all worth it.  Your child(ren) are worth it.  Adopt on!


  1. We can't wait :)
    Congratulations guys!!!

  2. Great post!!!! And sooooo true!!!!! Adopt on indeed!!!

  3. Oh Kelly, I can't wait to see our sweet, little man's face in person! Thanks for the love :)

  4. Perfect Post! It's like you were writing it just for me :o)

  5. So true. The wait is harder than you can imagine but having them home in your arms is better than you could ever imagine!

  6. They are real!!! You will hold them and smell them one day! Adopt on!