Monday, June 25, 2012

Our hope for Minus 1 Project

 After a weekend alone with the three youngest, I can conclude that I'm not as young as I used to be.

 After our busy week last week, I thought we would just lay low and have a relaxing, quiet weekend...they had other plans.  We biked to several playgrounds, swam at the pool, had snow cones and smores (in the same day!), chased down our neighbors dogs we are watching that got out, went to the library and post office, made pizza, caught lightening bugs, attending a church picnic...  And in between all of that Carson managed to roll in a big mud hole and slip down the stairs twice!  I think it will be a while again before I encourage my husband to have a "boys weekend".  :)

Thank you to all who shared our newest shirt design:
We sold a good number of shirts over the weekend so I am hoping we can place the order by the end of next week.  So if you shared and your name isn't Jessica C. (winner of the freebee), get yours ordered this week.  We appreciate the continued support as we work to keep things new and fresh at Minus 1 Project.  We want to keep it going and be able to change it up a bit to keep people coming back.  

We were recently asked how we are helping other families.  Good question.  At this point we are just donating profits through donation buttons on blogs, through Lifesong for matching grants or writing checks to families without those options.  Let's be honest, we aren't talking thousands here.  (Oh, I wish we were!)  But I know first hand how a donation of any amount can encourage a fundraising family.  I'm not sure where this will lead.  But we are sure that this is our hope and heart for the vision we had early on.  We wanted to share with the world :) our Minus 1 Project--all the "projects" we would under go and try, in order to raise the money we needed to bring our son home without crazy debt--in hopes of encouraging others to do the same.  Not easy, but doable and so worth it!

We feel like God lead us to a good thing with this "got love?".  People like it.  I don't know if tomorrow it will fizzle out and there won't be an interest in it anymore. But as long as there are families working their projects to raise the ransom for their child(ren), then we'll keep working our store to try to come along beside them because one orphan is too many.



  1. I LOVE IT!!!! And soooo many others I know have asked about it!!!!

    THANK YOU for helping others!!!!! It means the WORLD!!!! It meant the world to us!!!!!

    God knows that there are many who need as much help as they can to bring home their treasures!!! Little or a lot doesn't matter, but it ALL matters to that child/ren!!!!

  2. All your hard work is amazing! We still love our shirts and are brainstorming again for fundraising now that our file has left for Korea! Keep the designs coming and we will keep spreading the word!