Monday, August 6, 2012

A Bagel in the Face

Forget Pie in the face.

While Lindsey was trying to give Carson a bite of her bagel, he knocked it up and it actually stuck to his face.  When she peeled it off, he was left with a cream cheese face!

Funny thing was he wasn't bothered a bit and just wanted another bite!

Thanks for all the fun guesses.
Shecki G.--you're the winner!  (email me,, with your size and address)

Thanks for playing along!

We are hoping to place our second order of the girly "got love?" light pink t-shirt by the end of this week.  If you were wanting to order, now's the time!
(Available in youth XS-adult 5XL)


  1. glad that you are continuing the minus-1 project.
    and you are helping more kids find family...

  2. Thank you! A perfect mid-adoption treat for me! :)