Thursday, August 9, 2012

When art reflects life...

I took this picture of my three youngest several weeks ago because I thought their choice of fashion was so funny.  The girls got dressed and then got Carson dressed.  Apparently the style for that day was stripes and plaid.

I kept looking back at that picture after it was on the computer.  There was just something funny familiar about it.  I couldn't quite figure it out until the other day when I noticed this picture hanging on the girls' bedroom wall.

I had taken a picture of it and shared it on the blog earlier this year before Carson was home.   It reminded me of all the pictures the girls drew and all the conversations we had with them about Carson after we received his referral.

I just smile to remember how much this little brother was loved long before he was here to pose for photographs.  And I am so thankful for the ease of which our dynamic duo morphed into the terrific trio!

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  1. This is so sooooo PRECIOUS!!! Beautiful! Keep these pics forever! I think you should frame them side by side and hang them in your house. I love it !