Wednesday, August 1, 2012


Lindsey turned 6 this week.  In so many ways it feels like just last week we were in China learning all about her.  I hope one day she will understand how her birth changed me.  Contrary to what people tell me (and I always reply with), I did not change her destiny.  She has changed mine.  God used her to open my eyes to much more than what I had felt or seen before.

On her birthday night she chose to have a family volleyball game and to bike to a neighborhood playground.  I'm pretty sure all my other children would have picked a movie night. :)

Love. my. girl!

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  1. What a profound statement!! I *totally* agree with what you are saying about her birth and how it actually changed you!I haven't had the words to put with that feeling :)

    Happy Birthday to Lindsey! :)