Thursday, October 11, 2012

Fun Fall Game Night

Our family has always been big on game nights.  As the numbers and ages of our children increase, it has become increasingly challenging to find games that everyone can play AND truly enjoy.  The older boys are pretty good at participating even when the game is more on the girls' level.  However, I have figured out a fun and yummy way to make them a bit more enthusiastic.

I think most children can play bingo by age 2 or so.  We have had a simple bingo game set since Ethan was little.  Depending on the season and my mood (or cravings :), I purchase candies or treats to use as the markers.  We use one card, 9 spaces.  That is a good serving of something sweet.

The other evening we played and used candy corn as our markers.
 (Check out Carson's game face!)

When each person filled their card and after yelling "Bingo", of course, the got to choose one coveted candy pumpkin from the plate!

So it is fair to say that I'm not opposed to a bit of bribery and sugar to keep family nights fun!

Take a look at those excited teen and preteen smiles. :)

I've blogged before about family traditions and how important they are to me.  I think my children will never hear or see a Bingo game that they don't remember the nights we sat around our kitchen table playing.

I'd love to hear some other ideas on family fun nights, if you care to share.

Have a great weekend.  Pick up a bingo game and some candy corn and let the tradition building begin!

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