Thursday, October 4, 2012

Hey Moms, "Say Cheese!".

A friend recently shared with me an article that I think is a MUST READ for moms.  If you don't have an extra minute now, then come back when you do.  It is worth your time and I know your time is limited.

The article was written by Allison Tate and is titled The Mom Stays in the Picture.  It is funny, witty and, honestly, brought me to tears!

Click HERE to read it.

After reading it, I decided there was a need for a change in my picture taking thinking.  I continually find myself scooting out of picture range or deleting photos that don't catch me in the perfect light.  I was a bit saddened when, after reading, I quickly glanced through our pictures on the computer.  There really aren't that many of me with the kids.  Granted, most of us would agree, that is because as the mom we are behind the camera capturing all those moments on film.  But, some of you might agree, that it is also because we tend to shy away from the camera--not liking how we will look.

Thanks to Mrs. Tate the tide is getting ready to turn on our photo albums.  I want my children to have pictures of me with and without them.  I could go on and on as to why I think that is important but I could never do as good of a job as the the author.

And so here is a picture taken last Mother's day.  My intention when having my husband take it was to use it for my facebook profile on Mother's day.  I didn't.  (I'm so glad that I didn't delete it.)

I'm not a super model or even a model at all.  I'm far from a fit athlete or glamourous movie star.  I am a wife and a mom.  I don't have a fitness trainer or a cook.  I do have a wonderful husband and five fabulous children.  And a Creator who's creation is "fearfully and wonderfully made".

I hope that is what my children will see and remember from all the pictures of me...that haven't been deleted. :)


  1. Love this!!! Our kids adore us just the way we are. I'm going to take my pics with them even on the BLAH day. Thank you!!!

  2. Hi Kelly~
    love the picture! How have you been?