Monday, October 29, 2012

Random Conclusions

A month has passed since my last "Random Conclusions" post.  I found myself looking at this past month's pictures and thinking of some conclusions.  It is a fun way to see your photos...try it.  (Be sure to leave me a comment if you post them on a blog so I can read some of your fun conclusions!)

1.  Carson snuck out the side door with a bag of popcorn the other week.  He was so happy to have it all to himself leaving me to conclude that there are times when it is ok to not make your children share.

2.  We have been squeezing in as much outdoor fun as we can before the weather turns colder.  I get tired just watching these three and the amount of energy they have, leaving me to conclude unless we have a whole lot of snow to play in, it is going to be a long winter!

3.  I found that I had become a bit of a closet baker/cooker when I need to get something made quickly.  In my older age, I'm realizing it is more important to "make memories" leaving me to conclude you can never have too many cooks in the kitchen!

4.  This was the last picture sent to me from my brother taken in Congo leaving me to conclude I just might have the cutest niece and nephew EVER!

5.  Carson has become increasingly affection with all of us leaving me to conclude we are raising one serious hugger.

6.  The girls each found a pair of shoes at the thrift store last week.  They were excited to wear them to church the next day leaving me to conclude that my daughters are on different ends of the fashion spectrum. :)

7.  Ethan snapped this picture of me doing some fall sunbathing.  I may or may not have been dozing when this was taken. :)  Seeing Carson mimic me in the this picture made me laugh, leaving me to conclude he is just too much!

8.  One of the benefits to keeping our fundraising site going is the large boxes that arrive at our house.  The kids love playing with and in them leaving me to conclude when it comes to toys simple is better.

9.  We have two serious archeologists at our house that are determined to find dinosaur bones by their 7th birthdays leaving me to conclude we won't be planting grass seed next to our shed anytime soon.


 I took this picture one morning while working on a blog post leaving me to conclude facebooking and blogging is much more enjoyable when you can do it with a loved one rubbing your back. 


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