Thursday, October 7, 2010

If you do a gIvE aWaY, they will come!

Ha!! I have had such fun over the past two days reading all the comments from you out there!! I know it is hard to do each time you read a post, but what a blessing it is to the writer to get some responses.

I have taken several things from the comments left:

*My family is certainly not alone. Just when you think no one else understands or sees the urgency for adoption...a comment
*When I wonder "where o where will the money come from?", there is a comment to purchase a "got love?" item...come to find it is from another fundraising family!
*I am NOT crazy to have an undying love for a child that I have never met...or seen!

I have honestly come to really like this blogging thing. I have come a long way, as far as my computer ability, but for such a purpose. I love how I have been connected with so many families just like my own. There have been so many posts that I have read and thought....I could have written it because it is just how I am feeling. Blogging has let me write what is on my mind without the worry of offense.

If you haven't caught on yet...I LOVE ADOPTION. I could talk about it all the time, share it with strangers, and shout it from the rooftops. I take comfort in knowing that many of you would comment "Amen"!!

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  1. I love adoption , too!! :) It is so neat to get to talk to others on blogs that share the same passion.

  2. Put me in the drawing! I would LOVE to rock out your "got love" shirts!!

  3. Kelly, I think you and will become good friends FAST!!! I LOVE adoption, too!!! In fact, it is a very, very deep passion of my heart...our hearts!!! I love homeschooling...we adopted our girls at the same time...I LOVE Erica....I think we NEED to chat!!!

    Thank you for stopping by my blog. Will you email me so we can chat more? Hugs, stacy