Monday, October 11, 2010

Thirty-One Party Fundraiser

Friday night some of my friends gathered together for an evening of laughing, chatting, eating, and buying.......Thirty-One products. Thirty-One is a company that sells purses, totes, stationary and other items with fun fabrics and monogramming. A good friend of mine started working for this company during the summer. She offered to donate her proceeds from a party to our Minus 1 Project fund!! Two other good friends planned and hosted a party. And there you have one very fun and successful fundraiser!
Jody, from, and me. Many of you followed Jody's journey this summer in Korah (Ethiopia). She is preparing to go back next week to visit the kids there and help out at the school. Her husband and she worked and blogged to get the kids from Korah sponsored to go to boarding school.

These women have been so supportive! Many walked and prayed with us through Lindsey's adoption. I can't imagine my daily life without these great girlfriends!


  1. yay!! I think I should have stayed longer and eaten more snacks....just to help Andi not have so many leftovers is all. I am thoughtful like that.

    I was talking up your g.l. bags today!!!

  2. what a fun party!! and you did well too, that's great:)

  3. I love that friend offered to do a Lia Sophia Jewelry party last week & donate all the proceeds was so much fun!!

  4. Sorry, Kelly, i meant to check into how you can find my blog. I am not sure myself, let me ask around,... i think jenny would know. I do not think barker has a list serve, or not one that i know of. Are you on facebook? Find me, elisabeth read, lynchburg, va and i can connect you with some friends from barker not really blogging but on there!