Friday, October 29, 2010


So, I shared about some of the conversations we had at Tim's brother's wedding about adoption. The other topic of conversation revolved around homeschooling. All you need is a homeschooling, transracial family to stir things up a bit!! :)

Many of the talks started out with "do you enjoy homeschooling?" Anyone who knows me, knows that I enjoy the home part, but struggle a bit with the schooling! I will say that there are so many things that I love about homeschooling...and none of those are the actual "textbook teaching" times!

I love slow, lazy mornings. I love having my children home. I have them for the best part of their day! I am so encouraged by my children's friendships with one another--and yes, they argue and fight, but they have also learned to seriously enjoy one another. I am reassured to know what they are learning and where they are struggling. I think home schooling allows them to be kids longer--shorter school day, longer play day!! I believe having them home gives us more time to instill the characteristics in them that we want them to have..less outside influence. They have plenty of "socialization" (the biggest concern from those who don't homeschool) and are active in sports.

I usually exercise early in the morning and try to get cleaned up before the kids are all up. Especially Lindsey who, just at first glance of my running clothes, tells me, "I don't like the smell of your run". The other morning, this is how I found my four:
They were looking at magazines--I was so happy to let them spend time together and start "school" a little later. You see, they were reading to the girls, so I count that as school!!

(I feel the need to add that we do all the required school work and both of the boys have tested very well.)

So, homeschooling, like adoption, may not be the "calling" for every family, but if you haven't ever considered it...I would encourage you to. We take it a year at a time, a child at a time. So far it has been the best choice for both of the boys and I find myself being a bit excited about schooling the girls---And when I say schooling, I mean watching them read to their little brother or sister, or two, or three!! :) :)


  1. Funny.. I feel the same way about homeschooling. Love the "home" part but not always the "school" part.

  2. I REALLY stuggle with the school part some days. I often cry out(some days I am doing this literally) to the Lord, "I didn't take elementary education in college for a reason Lord, so why me?!"
    But I truly do enjoy it and I am so thankful that the Lord makes it clear to us each and ever year we are doing exactly what He wants! I couldn't ask for anything else.
    Transracial homeschooling families ROCK! :)

  3. Girl, so proud of you! Homeschooling moms amaze me!!! :)

  4. Hmmm....yeah we fit that mold too :) & LOVE IT!

  5. Love this post! I agree! There are so many wonderful benefits of homeschooling! I am so thankful for the road we are on.