Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Beach bag winner

Lesson 101 in blogging...give away=lots of comments! :) I'm guilty of it too. Who doesn't love free? I enjoyed reading over the comments. I appreciate all the encouraging words about our new bag. So...there were 34 comments and the winner is:
(*Stephanie..send me an email with your address and I'll get your bag in the mail to you!)

The fastest order went to Lisa who ordered about a half hour after I posted the bags! Talk about encouraging.....they like it, they really like it!!

Again, thank you to all of you. Something I have learned about fundraising, never being on this side before, it only works when people are willing to support you. For the supporter this may mean spending a bit more on something than you normally would in a store. It certainly means making a bit of a sacrifice to invest in a family, usually unknown before reading or finding their blog. So to all of you--who I consider investors--we are so thankful. We appreciate each and every order and the many encouraging words we have received. The "notification of payment received" email is accompanied by an announcement, followed by cheering and rejoicing in our home.....still.


  1. If I ordered a bag today could it get here by next Tuesday?? It's my mom's bday and she is a bag LOVER and she would totally use this.
    ps. She also sports her Got Love shirt EVERYWHERE. You would love my mom:)
    And no, my sewing skills are not so awesome, you can't see all the bad stitching in those pics:)

  2. I just ordered one anyway:) That $15 is with shipping too?? That is a sweet deal!!!

  3. Wow. Totally needed to hear what you had to say! I get so caught up in saving for our adoption! I always "share" other people's fundraisers on facebook...but I need to also step up and support them financially too. God will provide everything we need for our little girl..

    Brooke Annessa

  4. Those beach bags are awesome Kelly! Bright and cheery and perfect for the beach. Missed your giveaway....:-(, but hey the best thing is ever getting to know your sweet family! Good luck, and I hope you can't keep these bags on the to speak. ;-)

  5. I love the rejoicing! I want to make that happen. :) How long do we have to order? I'm hoping it can wait until May 1st. We have a set amount of budget money to spend per month and I'm taking a good portion out this month to put aside for the carrier I'm ordering as soon as we get a referral, so I'm out for this month. ;)

  6. Just ordered mine, so hopefully there's more rejoicing! Hope you got my email with questions the other day too! :)