Wednesday, April 27, 2011

A new Easter tradition

We had a great weekend celebrating Easter with family. We added a new tradition. Tim saw the idea on "A Holy Experience" blog of Ann Voskamp. We adapted it a bit for our family. We really enjoyed doing this. It was a great representation of the days from Good Friday to Easter. It allowed us to set aside more time this weekend just as a family to talk about what Jesus did so that we could have forgiveness of our sins.

-I feel like the pictures don't give it justice. We did the reading and lighting of the candles at night and it was so peaceful. Photos, at least from my little camera, can't capture the beauty of the candles glowing.

Friday morning Tim and the kids made the garden. All four of them planted, collected rocks for the tomb and two sticks for the cross.
Friday night we read about Jesus' cruxifiction and lit the candles.
Saturday night we read and talked about Jesus body being laid in the tomb. We lit the candle inside the tomb. (This was especially beautiful with the way the light escaped from the cracks.)
Sunday night we read and talked about the stone being rolled away.
And finally about how Jesus ascended into heaven.
Again, the pictures don't quite capture it....but this is definitely a tradition for us. If you haven't read any of Ann Voskamp's stuff, I encourage you to. I am planning a post on her "10+ Real Helps for Really Busy Mom". What wonderful reminders, just like the "Easter Garden" of God's gifts to us, not just on holidays but every second of every day!!


  1. LOVE it! Bookmarked this for next year! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Oh I love this idea!!! Very visual and helps the kids remember it better. Can you add a link in your next post to Anns blog???

  3. Totally saving this idea! Love it!

    Brooke Annessa

  4. great idea-- we used a new lent story book this year and watched the Passion-- and this would go really well

  5. What a great idea!! I'm putting this one in my memory bank (which is actually a binder!) to use in the future.