Friday, April 1, 2011

Week in Review

I am joining Amy again and linking up for My Week in Review.

My high this week: Going out to dinner with my husband. Just my husband.
I love this man!

My low is week: Having sick children. We have been so healthy this winter until late week which dragged into this week.

My lesson learned: I am breaking the rules a bit to share a lesson learned this day in 2006. If you happen to try for several years to get pregnant, decide the Lord is calling you to adopt at this time, finish all your paperwork to adopt from China, wait over a year to be matched with a child, and THEN find out your pregnant....Don't share your news on April 1st because NOONE will believe you!
Filled With Praise


  1. I am sorry that you all are still sick... we have two down right now. I am REALLY looking forward to spring, real spring!
    A friend on facebook announced she was pregnant today and no one believe her either! :)

  2. What a cute story(lesson learned) about your April Fools Day 2006! Date nights are the best aren't they!?! Hope every one is feeling a bit better today.

  3. Praying you're feeling better. Wow! Did you really end up sharing on April 1st?!? How funny (maybe not at the time, but now it's pretty amusing). So happy your family is what it is. God's timing is perfect!

  4. Hahaha!!! That is a funny lesson you learned:) I thought your girls were close in age!!!

  5. Oh, that would be so hurtful to have no one believe you! Praise the Lord for beautiful April 1st surprises. : )

  6. So funny! April fools day is not the best day to announce anything!

    Hope your fam is feeling better!

  7. HA! HA! LOVE the lesson learned. My cousin was born on April 1st and she wasn't due for a few more weeks. So, when they started calling everyone to tell them she had arrived, no one believed them. They all thought they were being pranked.

    Thank you again for offering this week's giveaway! Hope all are feeling better and you have a great weekend.

  8. cute lesson learned...I have one too, learned today! If you get your referral on April 1st after waiting for what seems like forever to you and everyone who knows you, don't expect anyone to believe you at first :) Actually, my husband got the call first bc the sw couldn't find my new number, and he had to convince me he was not lying for about 5 min!!

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