Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Larger project, same small production

If you haven't heard by now, Minus 1 Project just got bigger!! So big that we needed a domain name to contain it...actually two. You can now shop the Minus 1 Project store at


All this occurred for several reasons.

The main one being that you all like our "got love? adopt." gear. Thank you! The support and encouragement we have received with each new added item has been phenomenal! More than we ever expected. We found that the blog space (sidebar) was getting a bit crowded and hard to follow--what a great problem to have, huh? :)

We have several new items (not sure how much to share...might jeaprodize future guessing games) and designs in the works. We are hoping to continue to add products from other more-crafty-than-I fundraising families, like the key rings, key fobs and necklaces.

And maybe the REAL reason: We want to raise the money needed for an international adoption. We want other families to be encouraged and inspired to start their own Minus 1 Project. To decide up front, we will do everything it takes to bring our child home, to let there be minus 1 orphan in the world, to show a child they are worth the sacrifice and work it takes to pay their get the idea.

So you will start to see some changes here at the Minus 1 Project blog. Eventually over the next few weeks we will remove all of our paypal buttons from the blog. You'll just be left with our family adventures and an occasional emotional/inspirational post written straight from my heart. :) And, of course, I'll share when we are adding new stuff or having a sale or giveaway.

The Yahoo store is certainly a larger project, but we are keeping the same small, personal feel.

~Our workers and production line will remain the same.
Here are two of our devoted workers, in pajamas sill, working on our thank you notes that are included in every order. Starting in about a week all orders placed from the store site will include our personally, no-two-are-alike designed "thank you"s and a small gift.

~Our store room will remain as crowded and messy as ever!
(wish those license plates were legal in Va.--isn't that over the top fun?!)

~Shipping will continue to give the store manager a much needed solo outing to the post office and occasionally a Diet Coke fountain soda.

So with all these changes going on...I hope that my followers and friends will remain the same!

(side note: if you are a Facebooker...go and "like" our Minus 1 Project (-1) page. You'll be ahead of the others for the next give away!!)


  1. That is awesome! Congratulations!!!

  2. I am so HAPPY for your sweet family. I will keep following along on your family blog...keep on a posting! I will have to check out your yahoo store.

  3. It is so great that it keeps growing! The Got Love? Adopt. stuff is just too cute and what a great message!

  4. proudly drinking from my Got Love? to go mug for the first time at work today and LOVING it!
    Heading to FB to "like" you right now

  5. Definitely still a friend, even with a new site. :) I'm so excited for your site and I look forward to ordering soon. :)

  6. Great reasons for change!!!


  7. Girl! LOVE seeing God continue to bless your Got Love? line!!!! I so love my purple cup and get lots of comments on it! I send them right to YOU!!!! :) Your new store is looking fab, by the way!!!!! *HUGS*

  8. Congrats on needing to move to a bigger domain! I love how passionate you are to get that little one home- and how the Lord continues to bless your efforts!

  9. I used to LIVE for my fountain diet cokes! Then I gave up diet coke. Sometimes I'm still shocked that I could! I have found a new love in Coke Icees. We'll see how well that works when winter hits.
    Love the new items!