Friday, September 16, 2011

mruretlebistv unscrambled =

New to our store shelves!

"got love? adopt." 16oz. Tervis tumblers
-guaranteed for life
-reduces condensation and rings
-keeps hot beverages hot and cold beverages cold
-microwave, freezer and dishwasher safe
~to learn more visit the Tervis tumbler site HERE.

The tumblers are ready to order today from our Yahoo store:

These are in print at the Tervis tumbler factory right now...unfortunately they won't be ready to mail out to you for about 4-5 weeks. (Custom made tumblers take a while.)

There is a limited number of these. We are hoping that they will be HUGE sellers. If we sell enough in the next month we will be able to put in another order that would be delivered just in time for the holiday season. Don't you think this would be a perfect stocking stuffer?

Start your shopping now--we have no guarantee that we will order again.

Oh, and by the way, Julie M.--you're the winner! I thought I would just sneak that in here!

(A huge thank you to all who played and guessed. There were 11 correct guessers. We had a whole lot of fun reading them--you all were very creative and inventive! And aren't you glad that it ISN'T a thermal vest, slumber trivet, rivet stumbler or a lumber trivet????)

When you are shopping our STORE, if you purchase another item with your Tervis tumbler, we won't hold it until the tumblers come in...we will happily mail out all other items within a week of ordering, just say'n!


  1. Congrats Julie. This was definately not an easy one to figure out but the tumblers are great. Also love the new cup colors. My daughter wants a tye dye Got love shirt now so I will be placing another order before Christmas! These are still my favorite adoption shirts I have seen! Can't wait until we all can wear them when our little Max comes home next year!

  2. AWESOME!!!!!!!!! NEVER woulda guessed that...I didn't even know what a "trevis" tumbler was! Ha!


  3. those are awesome! i thought it was tumbler, but couldn't figure out the other word. never heard of a "tervis" tumbler either. anyway, great new item!!

  4. Crazy busy week I missed out! BUT, it makes me feel better knowing that I most likely wouldn't have guessed it correctly anyways. They look always, you didn't let us down. :-)

  5. I dunno, I was kinda hoping for lumber trivets :)

    love the new tumblers (also didn't know the word tervis but was ready to go with strive tumbler!)

  6. I love these...I have a daughter from Korea and a daughter from China...and 4 bio boys : ) I will check out your store.