Monday, September 19, 2011

Miscellaneous Monday

Monday, Monday....

My random thoughts and happenings over the past week.

1. Our school is up and running--Ethan (7th), Benjamin (5th), Lindsey (PreK), Lucille (PreK)
I had to use their proper names since our school is extremely formal. Note how I didn't post a picture of them in their jammies on the couch doing school because that wouldn't be acceptable here at our academy. :)

2. Having your child come upstairs from the play room to tell you that her socks are wet is never a good thing. After 2 days with no running water and a large plumbing bill, we have this:
Thankfully we did get some reimbursement from our home owners insurance.

3. I'm placing the order for the long and short sleeve brown/pink shirts today. I'll be ordering extra to stock our store (closet) shelves. If you have already ordered-thank you-your shirt should be on its way to you next Monday.

4. Speaking of the store shelves, have you seen these?
I may or may not have been spotted at church yesterday wearing this one. Really--I didn't wear it but I was tempted. It is so pretty--see the small footprint charm?

5. I am determined that this is the week we'll be adding our Minus 1 shirts--We'll post the pictures here. Two designs-one great message! :) Be sure to find our store on Facebook. Look up Minus 1 Project (-1) (should see the car decal picture). We'll be choosing a winner from those who like us. :)

6. We have a new furry friend. Smokey, and how he came to be in our house, will be getting his own post one day soon.
7. Lindsey is famous for hijacking our camera. Here are some shots of Lucy taken by her at the boys' last track meet.

8. My $6.95 glasses are scheduled to arrive today!

9. I have a Scentsy fundraiser going right now to raise money for Henan Kids International--a foster home in China. If you have thought of trying Scentsy, now would be a great time!

10. I'll leave you with two assignments this week. It is school hours after all.

--If you are on Facebook, go like our store.

--Visit our store, Pick out one thing to purchase now or later to give as a gift...only 97 days until Christmas (just had to throw that in there).

--and one more thing: have a great week!


  1. I have lots of ideas of things I need for Christmas gifts! Have a great day with school.

  2. What a fun update on your family! I am sure your kids have a blast at your formal academy! ;-)

  3. Love it! And welcome to Smokey :)