Monday, September 12, 2011

The ultimate toy box!

I'm usually not one to post everyday but due to the game rules (see post below), I am foRced to do a post each day this week.

I decided to share with you what my family coUld have won at breakfast this morning.

According to the mini-wheats box we "could have instantly won one of the hottest toys from the ultimate toy box":
1. 55" flat screen tv
2. mp3 player
3. kinect for the xbox 360
4. mountain bike
5. disney xbox game bundle
6. e-tablets

I'm not sure what was more disheartening:
1. we didn't win any prizEs
2. they consider a flat screen tv and mp3 player toys
3. I don't even know what an e-tablet is!

--Remember to read the post below! You don't want to miss your chance to possibly win our newest fundraising rocks!! :)


  1. Fun game, I'm collecting the letters in an email to myself. :) Is an e-tablet like a cheap iPad? Not sure either. I generally don't win, but that's OK. We know the true PRIZE can't be won but was given freely. :) Hugs to you!

  2. He he totally crack me up with this! I agree I didn't know those things were "toys"??? Wow....around here we call those mommy and daddy toys, and I am with you I don't know what a e-tablet is either?? Oh well....not that important I guess :)