Monday, January 23, 2012

A bundle for my bundle!

Here is a chance to receive a "got love? adopt." bundle
to help me get to hold
my bundle.

Your bundle = 3 Minus 1 Project items of your choice

My bundle = our sweet son and brother

As many of you already know, we received and accepted a referral from South Korea at the end of November.

We are extremely hopeful that we will be traveling to bring him home within the next 3 months.

To help aid us in our funds, we are offering 3 items from our fundraising site,

Your choice of items (jewelry and hoodies are exempt, sorry. We don't "stock" those.)

The possibilities are endless:

For every $5 donation, we will "thank you" with one entry.

You can design the perfect bundle of adoption gear for you.

Only one person will get to pick their prize bundle but EVERY entry takes us one step closer to holding and bringing home the perfectly created bundle for us.

I just now (Mon. 10:30 am) received an email offering to double every donate up to $200. If you have ever felt led to donate to our adoption is the time! I am in thankful.

Thank you!
Bundle winner revealed Friday, Feb. 4.

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