Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Post Office joy!

I am happy to say that since we moved our fundraising to the new site, we have been making regular trips to the post office. I don't mind doing it-each package is a reminder of the love and support we have received during this adoption process.

Several weeks ago there was a special package among the others to mail.
This one: destination South Korea.

A small box containing more love and prayers than any other.
I can only pray that it was felt when it arrived.
I hope our child's foster family can understand our letter of gratitude for their love and care.
I hope that our little one's feet are snug and warm in his new slippers. But mostly, as he looks at pictures of his forever family, I hope that some how through God's miraculous plan, his heart just knows we are coming.

Fundraising flash: We are placing the hoodie order on Wednesday. The bundle for my bundle matching donations is still in full swing. The generous total thus far is $105...but remember, there is a $200 match offer. See THIS POST for all the details!


  1. Love that little care package - just priceless!


  2. That is such a sweet package. I hope you get Carson home soon!