Friday, January 27, 2012

What's in your junk drawer?

Since last summer's yard sale we have had the cutest pair of brown Converse in our kitchen junk drawer. I'm not sure who put them there or why I let them stay there for 9ish months. As I would shuffle through looking for a notepad or pen, not an easy task, I would take a minute to notice the shoes and sometimes pray for the little feet that would wear them.

Now, I have a certain set of feet to picture wearing them. (Although, I haven't actually seen Carson's bare feet, I can only assume they are as cute and pudgy as the rest of him!)
(Please, don't pass judgement on my junk drawer. Just keeping it real. :)

We should receive some news next week about approximate travel time.

Our "Bundle for my bundle" donations are still being received. See Monday's post--we have graciously received $95, but have a matching donation of $200. If you have ever considered a donation toward our adoption fund, now would be a great time!

Our last hoodie order (until fall) will be next week. Shop

Have a great weekend. I think I'll be nesting.


  1. Oh my word! Your junk drawer is so much cleaner than mine! We're lucky if we can get it to close on the first try! :) So glad there will be little feet to wear those adorable shoes soon!

  2. totally agree! our junk drawer(s) looks way worse than that! and those shoes are just adorable!!

  3. Your junk drawer is very organized!!!!

    What a sweet pair of shoes... Will pray for the feet that go in them.

  4. Oh, i hope you can go get Carson soon!!!