Monday, January 16, 2012

Miscellaneous Monday

I haven't written one of these random posts in a while. I am finding it fitting as our life is very random right now. So here is a glimpse into our days this month.

1. The word on the street is that the Korean Ministry will not be issuing any EPs this month. EP=exit permission AND the last thing we need before we can arrange our travel to bring Carson home. For us, this is a bit frustrating, but for many families that have been waiting much, much longer it is undoubtably heartbreaking. Please pray for the Korean ministry to move forward with the best interest of the children that are waiting.

2. After looking over past posts, I realized I didn't post anything from Christmas. We, did indeed, celebrate and here are some pictures to prove it!

Lucy's Gingerbread idea.
3. Ben came down the other day to let me know that his math lesson had a very strange question. He was convinced his word problem read Sarah left the house and returned at particular times. But it asked "What is the length of the manatee?" I think we need to get out more often...the word was matinee. (At least he knew what a manatee was!)

4. I am a bit disappointed that we have reached mid-January without a decent snowfall. If you have some...please send it our way! I'm convinced that this is because for the first year, I think, we had to buy boots for both boys. You know they are remaining in the bag with the tags and receipt in case we don't get to use them...thank you, Walmart!

5. If you have ever considered a small pet, the guinea pig is the one to try. This thing is so cute! (I did an early post on Smokey.) He seriously has such a happy personality. His cage sits in Ben's room at the end of the hallway. Whenever anyone comes up the steps he jumps up on his house that Ben made him for Christmas and just squeals. So funny during the day, not so much late at night or early in the morning. He does the same thing when he hears a bag crinkle, assuming it is a treat for him.
6. I am amazed at what my four can accomplish during a 15-20 minute school break. Last week this is where I found them.
Amazing, as well, how quickly it is constructed but how long it takes to clean up! I'm not even sure that all the cushions have been returned.

7. We are working at adding some amazing jewelry to our store. Here is a sneak peek--remember we only have one of each. Another great idea for Valentine's day. Pass our fundraising site,, on to the one who loves you!
8. And I leave you with a picture that colors a thousand words:

Have a wonderful Monday!

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  1. Praying yours and others hear great news SOON!!!!!!!

    Love your guinea pig- we have had mice and gerbils- prefer gerbils. Maybe next time we will try a guinea pig? :)

    LOVE the colors picture!!!!!!! AMEN!