Friday, February 3, 2012

Bundle and t-shirt winner

A big thank you to all who donated toward our Bundle for my bundle donations.
Over the past two weeks, we received $160 into our adoption fund.
A huge thank you to Cindy and her family for their offer to match the donations.
That took the total to$360!! Woo Hoo!
(Yes...the $200 donation was given even though we didn't actually reach $200. Amazing!)

The big drawing...
Candace Roberts takes home the bundle!

Katie Helms takes home a free t-shirt!

I can't imagine the joy it will be one day to share with our son about the many people, from here to there, that gave to help us bring him home. Again, fundraising only works when others are willing to give, to invest in your cause. Adoption is certainly one of my favorite causes...and I am so thankful that so many of you feel the same way!

I think we'll be ready to share our new design next week. I hope that it brings you encouragement and a smile.

Have a great weekend!

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