Wednesday, February 8, 2012

New logo and winner!

It all began when I blogged about a mock t-shirt design:

"Yes, thank you, we are well aware of the cost of college tuition and we are adopting another child anyway."

Well, it actually began as my facebook status after, once again, someone kindly reminded me how expensive college would be for five children. I think most adopting parents can attest to the fact that at some time they have heard some not-s0-encouraging remarks about their plans (or really God's plans) for their family.

When I rewrote it out for the blog, HERE, I ended the post with "Have a great weekend. Adopt on!" It just flowed...I thought: Ok, world, you're going to show me all the reasons that adoption doesn't make sense, well, my family and I are going to adopt on! Later that evening, Tim started messing with the message and made the "i" in adoption a guitar so it would read "Adopt on!" (Kind of like, rock on! Love that man's creativity!)

In the face of opposition, we say...Adopt on!
For millions, adoption is their only chance...Adopt on!
This world and even our own minds can try to convince us that welcoming and loving a child not of our own race or blood is not an option for us...Adopt on!
Break the mold, step out, do unto others, love as Jesus loved and

Adopt on!

Black/white...unisex cut (youth XS-adult 3XL)

Pink/white...unisex cut (youth XS-adult 3XL)

Lime/pink...unisex cut (youth XS-adult 3XL)

Soft style, ring spun grey/pink (a slimmer fit) (adult S-adult 2XL)
*Actual shirt color is a lighter grey color.

The winner of the free shirt give away is: Kim. Thanks for all the comments/suggestions.

You can order your shirt(s) from our fundraising site now. We'll place the order within the next few weeks. Click on over to today and Adopt on!


  1. like it!!!! esp the grey/pink one!

  2. The whole rock on adopt on thing is so perfect!!!!! Considering our conversation a few weeks ago! Do I dare sport one of these???? I think you know the answer to that!

  3. LOVE the new design! I will definitely be ordering a black and a pink one. I would order a grey if it came in unisex. Adopt On!

  4. Love it! Love it! LOVE IT! Will be ordering right from you again. And yes, we're thinking about adopting again. It will be number six for us. Or maybe even six and seven. Thanks for the encouragement! :)

  5. Hey lovely lady...I agree...ADOPT ON!!!