Monday, February 27, 2012

Miscellaneous Monday

1. I can barely type out this post as my eyes are blurry from my weekend spent in chlorine-filled air at the Regional swim meet. Our family was split for the weekend...mother/sons and father/daughters. It was a great time for both groups. Our boys swam amazingly and the girls had such a great time with their dad! Although, I must say that it is a bit unnerving watching your thirteen year old on the starter's blog next to a man (17/18 yr. old) with a shaved chest and 5 o'clock shadow!

2. Nada from the Korean Ministry.

3. Finally!!!!
We knew this one wouldn't last long, as the next days' temperatures were suppose to warm up so we headed out that night for a long walk and some late night sledding...
4. I can't wait to see the new stainless steel mugs this week. (I did see the sample mug but without our logo.) I may need to purchase some "fancy" coffee to drink from it....lime or pink, that is the question.

5. Lindsey was so excited when we received a baby carrier from a friend.
I asked on facebook about recommendations for a back baby carrier. Not only did I receive some great suggestions but a friend, currently living in Italy, no less, offered to send us hers. Don't you just love that kind of thing?

6. Zilch from the Korean Ministry.

7. Nothing says love like a sister who will hold your nebulizer mask when your arm gets tired.
8. About 2 weeks ago we received some colored and clear Tervis tumbler lids. We have ONLY have 2 Tervis tumblers (with black lids) left. I hope we can reorder some later in the year but might not be until fall. If you were wanting one, order NOW.
9. Zip from the Korean Ministry.

10. Feeling like I need to end on a more happy note: Adopt on!


  1. We, too, enjoyed the snow briefly. But, I'm ready for spring. I hope you hear from Korea very soon. The wait is killin' me! ((wink))

  2. Praying for some good news soon. In the mean time praying for peace. Hugs!

  3. Nada, zilch, zip..... ugh! But we pray, we have faith, we have hope. We will get there. Oh and I'm really loving the orange lid....hmmmm, I think it would just go great with the pumpkin's room, the orange and gray stroller I'm eying. Wonder what the hubby would say ;-)

  4. I can't find your email but I would LOVE a tumbler with clear lid. How much are they?

  5. Praying you hear news soon.

    Sweet pictures.... strange weather this year, right? I miss the snow.

  6. Jenna--our email is I have one left just for you!! :) Let me know and I'll hold it for you.

  7. Okay.... #7 made me cry. I love those sweet girls!