Monday, February 13, 2012

Share on!

I'm not going to beat around the bush on this one. I would like for all of you...follower or just-by-chance reader today, to please share our fundraising site. Many of you have read our blog for the past almost 2 years and have seen/read about our many projects. Our Minus 1 projects...from raffles to bbq dinners to straw cups to charm necklaces. We have worked really hard to try to come up with new and different ideas.

But...stick a fork in me. :)

Would you please share our fundraising site or blog address?
You could blog about it.
You could send it through a tweet.
You could message it to your adopting friends.
You could post it as your status update.
You could text it to all your contacts.
You could rent one of those banners to be pulled behind a small plane (I'm thinking that would count as two entries).

Leave us a comment letting us know you shared--don't need details if you don't want to explain how or where--just that you did. Next Monday, we'll pick 2 of those comment authors to receive a FREE shirt of your choice.

We are so close to the finish line.
The front of the line says "Minus 1 Project".
The back of it reads "Apisa family plus 1".
Our current race is almost over. Praise the Lord that He sets the lonely in families.

Please, join us on this last leg...pass the baton to all you know and share on!


  1. I shared nearly as soon as you posted pics of your new COOL shirts. At some point I will order one for hubby and our teen son. They think they are way cool too!
    Blessings on you all, Kelly,
    Kendra Wilber

  2. I'm updating my status right now to brag on you!!
    Kelly Anders

  3. Shared on both of my twitter accounts, I hope to get my followers interested in your story and excited about supporting such a wonderful cause. I love carrying my 'Got Love?' cup around for the questions and comments it generates. So glad to hear that your family is nearing the end of your race :)

  4. Shared on facebook. So excited for you to bring your son son home - and praying for God to bring in the remaining funds!!

  5. I'll post about it and send it to a few bloggy friends. But i'd dont need to be in the contest. Hope to see you soon!

    Love Brittany

  6. definitely will help out share. posted to my fb. praying for your fam.

  7. Shared it on Facebook! Hope it's a great success! So excited for your son to come home!

  8. I posted it on FB and my blog. I love my Got Love? Adopt pearl necklace...I wear it all the time. Hope your family travels soon!
    - Heather Austin

  9. Sharing on Twitter & I pinned an image from your website to Pinterest!
    Praying your son comes home soon!

  10. I posted on FB yesterday- forgot to comment!

  11. Shared it with two adoption yahoo groups! I'm not on Facebook.

    Amy P.