Monday, June 27, 2011

The Guinea Pig

That's me!

Two things I am really into right now: 1. fundraising and 2. helping other families fundraise.

So, I thought I would first try out a Scentsy fundraiser on us. (I did check on the rules to make sure this was appropriate.) I have connected, so far, with two other families that would like to host a Scentsy fundraiser. Would you?

I am finding it is actually very easy to do. On my website,, I can list the name of a certain fundraiser. Customers than simply click on the "party" they want to attend and shop. The order is calculated, they pay, and it arrives in about 6 days to them. When I close out the fundraiser (party) the total is posted and I write a check to the host for 20%. It is that easy. I really dig a fundraiser where you can't lose money. The host only has to help spread the word.

Here are some of the great products you can find:

So, now it is your turn to be a guinea pig and try Scentsy. For every $10 you spend you will be entered to win one of the prizes in the below post. What are you waiting for?

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