Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Miscellaneous Monday on Tuesday :)

I know I have seen bloggers do a Miscellaneous Monday post...and although it is Tuesday, I'm doing it. Why? Because I feel like I have a whole lot of little things to share that are very unrelated.

1. I am overdue (see counting ticker).

2. I am still recovering from the yard sale..not myself personally but my house. Why does having a yard sale wreck the entire house? I think I may have figured it out as I realized that I ignored all my household chores to get everything priced and ready for the sale last week.

3. I am so excited for friends who travel in about 2 weeks to bring their daughter home from South Korea and friends who just found their daughter (on a waiting list). I love adoption, the faith in Jesus it grows and the joy it brings.

4. I am thinking someone got a hold of my camera:

5. I am trying to understand why so many young girls are allowed to wear bikinis. (Did you hear that can open? :) As summer approaches and posts (and Facebook) pictures turn to the beach and pool ...I am just surprised at the number of girls in bikinis. Does this surprise you? Bother you? If anyone can help me understand why allowing young girls to parade around in front of others in no more (and in some cases less than) a bra and panties please feel free to share. I am not being sarcastic or judgmental here. What happened to modesty???

6. And so if being a homeschooling, transracial, non-bikini wearing family is not enough to make you stick out, then having your husband ride this around the neighborhood will:
Isn't that so funny? Lucy's legs are not long enough, yet, for the tag-along and so Tim hooked the trailer to the tag-along and the tag-along to his bike and off they go!! I think they, really just he, has logged in over 50 miles on that contraption in the last few weeks!

Thanks for reading through my random thoughts this Tuesday morning...have a great week.


  1. I love that contraption! I love adoption! I love stories about people going to pick up their children! What I do not love are bikinis! I totally agree with your bikini rant. There is nothing good that can happen in or from such a small amount of fabric being worn at the pool. Drives me crazy! Obviously :)

  2. That is a pretty cool bike thing he has going on:) I hear ya on garage sales. We had 2 last year and I think I am pretty much over them..ha!!! I would much rather do 10 car washes. They are A LOT less work. I hear you on the bikinis too.... not cool at all. Hope you are having a good summer so far:)

  3. Rambling is good! Hope you 'catch' up on housework, it is neverending here! Your hubby sure makes that 'thing' cute to ride! I am not sure about it, but hey if he can pedel it, then why not ;0)

  4. 1. That bike (et al) is AMAZING! LOL!!!
    2. i love posts like this.
    3. I'm with you on the bikinis. i don't get it.

  5. I think that the bike is AWESOME! Wish we had one! ;)

    Not a fan of young girls in bikinis. Surprised by the ones they have for very young children (babies even). I do have to say Tankinis rock when kids are fairly newly potty trained though! :) Only pulling down the bottoms is much easier than the whole thing.

    Hugs on being overdue! Not really fun at all.

    Lindsey's pictures are adorable!!!

    (not on your list): I used my "Got Love" bag for the first time today to go to the fountains here. E had a great time and the bag was the perfect size!

  6. Pray you get back to normal :) It is hard when you have a big event sometimes.

    When we were camp directors - our rule you can wear a bikini, BUT you will have to wear this hideous dark t-shirt over it :) Yeah, we didn't have any issues getting them to bring one pieces- that were MODEST!!!! Because even if it wasn't modest we told them the t-shirt rule will still apply! We also had great summer staff females who would talk to the young ladies about covering what is sacred. No short shorts, no bikini strings, no spaghetti straps- we don't want to see your undergarments!!! :) I have a hard time finding things sometimes, but it is worth waiting to buy something you can feel good about your children wearing. Our oldest talks all the time about- that is not appropriate mom. And I just turn to her and say- you are very right!!! And I am sooo happy you know that!

    He he he- love those pics!!!

    By the way I wear my Got Love t-shirt to pretty much anything that is public!!!!!!! I have gotten a lot of comments on it :) And I tell them where I got it :)

  7. I hear ya on the bikini thing! What is going on with people!!!!


  8. LOVED the bike picture!!!!!!!!!
    and AMEN sister on bikinis!!!!!! our girls wear swim shirts (got to when you swim 4 hours every day) and swim skirts from land's end-- LOVE their suits or 1 pieces. i was so amazed at how many teen girls were told to go home and change at OUR VBS last week for wearing shorts that barely covered their behinds- seriously??!! christian moms let their daughters go out to help at VBS like that?? come on people-- feel free to parent at any time here!!
    ok-- off my soap box now.
    ps-- jim loves his shirt! and i passed on your site to a woman at church who loved 'em too:)