Wednesday, June 1, 2011


*title by Ethan.

I have been stating for a while that we were working on some new fundraising items. Trying to come up with fun new things that everyone will want to buy! :) I hope our newest will find its way around the neck of babies and toddlers from every country.
Aren't these so cute?? They are soft 100% cotton, one size fits all with two size choices for the snap. Available in two colors: pink or blue.
They are ready to be ordered today. (You should receive your bib within two weeks of ordering.) $12.00 each or 2 for $20, specify color choices.

I'm excited to share that we have several other new things in the works that hopefully will be posted on the blog in the next few weeks. (One positive thing about the new estimated time line is that it gives us more time to fundraise.)

Again, we wouldn't be able to do half of what we are doing with out the support, encouragement and friendship from our friends at ADVERTISING AUTHORITIES. They have been so helpful and creative with all our ideas. Please consider using them for any/all your printing needs. They are awesome to work with and I know you will agree.
I'll end with a picture of Angel and I with our sweet baby girls in China in 2007.

If you have been following my blog for some time you know usually a new item means

Please share our new "BIBtastic" fundraiser...leave me a comment or email telling me you shared and you'll be entered to win one of your color choice. Winner to be drawn on Sunday, June 5th. Thank you, friends. :)


  1. Shut UP! A bib? Are you kiddin me?! Do you know how cute these are?!! Hang on, I'll be back....I have to go....ummmm.....become pregnant so that I can use one of these. BRB

  2. Super cute! I'm sharring on facebook!

    Brooke Annessa

  3. LOVE IT!!!! We just might be needing one of those very, very soon!!!! ;)

  4. Love them!! I know a certain Ethiopian princess that bib would look darling on! :)

  5. love these!!!! adorable!!!! and I will order some shirts when I get home from Ethiopia!