Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Weekend fun

Our three day weekend was full of old stories and friends. Friends of ours from college came to stay the weekend....with their 5 kids! It was so great to visit with them. A sign of a great friendship is one that can pick up right where it left off years ago. With all the fun and chaos we didn't take too many pictures.

We did venture out on a hike Saturday that someone (I'm not saying who) told us was about 30 minutes one way. We started out all full of energy and smiles.

After more miles and minutes than we had expected, we finally reached the falls.
That's the boys in the lower corner. It was beautiful. The only problem was needing to get back to the car. We did find a little less scenic but easier trail down. The girls couldn't quite hang. Lucy fell asleep on Tim's shoulders and Lindsey on my back.
After relaxing some at the pool yesterday evening we are gearing up for our neighborhood yard sale this Sat. We have been accepting donations and have some really nice things to sell. I'm looking forward to, once again, going through our home and downsizing on our amount of "stuff".

I truly appreciate all the kind words of encouragement that have been left over the past week. I am trying to live in the now, cherish these special moments with my family and friends, building up my faith in Him so when He calls us to "move" in any direction, I am ready to go.


  1. sounds like a fun weekend:) it's always "fun" hiking with kids;) haha!!! We went camping this weekend and did some hiking too!! Good times.

  2. Love hiking.....and have totally had the issue of a longer than expected hike :) he he he....

    Sounds like you had fun!

  3. LOVE hiking and LOVE waterfalls!!! KEEP THE FAITH!!!! Glad you are focusing on the now and creating special family and friend moments! Sending you a hug!