Monday, June 20, 2011

What Scensty is not...

it is not just pretty, light-up warmers that melt wonderful smelly stuff. They also have cute stuffed animals called Scentsy buddies. There are several different animals (lion, elephant, frog, monkey, pig, lamb) and scent packs to choose from. The animals have a small zipper opening that a scent pack fits in to make the animal smell.

So, here is our idea. We are planning on sending one in a care package to our child after we receive our referral. Then, have the same scent warming in our house when we get home. I am hoping that will create a comforting connection for our little one.

What do you think?

GiVeAwAy details:
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  1. I've had this same idea Kelly, LOVE IT! Scent is such a powerful scent, if we can use that to help comfort our babes in some way then all the better :)

  2. oops, I meant sense of course

  3. Wow. That is an awesome idea! I will keep it in mind for our future little lady!

    Brooke Annessa