Wednesday, July 27, 2011

It's ReUnIoN time!!!

We are off to meet up with 5 of the families from our China travel group. Here is last year's "red couch" photo of the girls.
It is an amazing thing to see these "Xiushan Sisters" (missing two) every year. I feel such a bond with these families that we shared our journey with. These sweet faces spent the first 9-11 months of their lives with one another...sharing cribs and toys. (The older girl on the end is a big sister to one of the X.S) And now they share having a family!! I can't wait to see them.

I'll try to post some pictures as we spend the long weekend together.
I'm also going to be working with some friends on some big 'ole changes coming to our
Minus 1 Project


  1. Love it! Such a beautiful pictures! I have a similar one on our blog that I posted a few days ago!

  2. Xiushan? Seriously? I knew your daughter was from Chongqing like mine...but also from the same SWI? What a strange coincidence! We are hoping to travel back next year.

    I wish our travel group would do annual reunions. I feel sad that K is losing those connections.

  3. Have a WONDERFUL time!!! We always look forward to reunion week in our house, but for the first time in 6 years we had to bow out. To much with the move and remodeling. Have fun making memories!

  4. Oh my goodness, they are SO PRECIOUS!!! What a fun reunion!!!

  5. How amazing is this! I so hope that my "group" of families adopting from His Hands Taiwan can do something similar for our children too!