Sunday, July 31, 2011


What is the sign of a memorable weekend?

A cry at the beginning and a cry at the end.

I am pretty sure for the past 3 years (we missed the first) when we have met up with our China travel group, I have cried when families arrived and cried when they left. I'm sappy like that! I have typed it before...I love these families. I love their children. I love the heart they have for family, adoption and the Lord! I think of how we met in Beijing and spent 15 long, hot days together in and out of buses, hotels, strange restaurants, and airports! One of the other moms is a labor and delivery nurse and I think she said it best: "I see children born and families made everyday, and nothing can compare to the experience of being in that delivery room the day we met our daughters." It is unlike anything else I have every experienced.

I'll pick just a few of my favorite pictures from the weekend. This year we gathered with 5 of the 9 families.

One of these things are not like the rest! :)

An attempt to do another "red couch" photo:

The sweetest brother (same age) came home last year and was so excited and happy to put on his Chinese outfit and join in the picture fun! (His sister the little girl in the front row on the left.)

Lord willing, there will be two more (at least) added to our group by next year through adoption.

Emails and orders note: I didn't respond to any orders or emails since last Wed. (I will get to those tomorrow.) The most recent order of t-shirts will be mailed out--new order of cups posted with two new colors--a fabulous, colorful raffle that you don't want to miss....ALL happening this week!!

Also...lost my blog list some how. It may take me a while since I'll have to type in sites, but I'll be checking in with you all and your latest news. Any tips on how to retrieve my side blog list??


  1. Such a blessing to have stayed connected with these families! Angela (expecting a blessing) is someone I hope I will share these same memories with when we meet up after our kiddos are home from Taiwan. We have our first Friends For Adoption post coming up tomorrow and we actually will have pictures from our first meeting!

    Still can't believe God made it possible for me to meet someone two states away!


  2. what a fun time!! and such special bonds that will never be broken:) What a gift.

    As for the blogs on your side bar go to edit layout> "blogs on your side bar"> add to list > and then check the box "blogs I'm following" and you can get them from there instead of typing every url in... hope that answered your question:)

  3. Love the pics!!! Looks like ya'll had a great time! I lost my blog list too when I got a "blog update"...I still don't think I have them all back again! :)

  4. Sounds like an amazing weekend!!!!

    No idea how to recover anything my hubby does all that :(

    Can't wait to get our shirts- there will be a post and pictures sent :) Can't wait to see the "additions" to the family!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. I think I got to say that I love this post for all the reason you listed above! It's a connection that will never be broken.