Saturday, July 2, 2011

July 2, 2007

Our forever family, adoption, and/or gotcha day began with a hurried run to catch our flight from Beijing to Chongqing, China. Our group had some trouble getting checked out of our hotel that morning and our bus got stuck in traffic. We laughed as we ran through the airport like we were on "Amazing Race".

This is as we reached the gate and realized we hadn't missed our flight. Note the Beijing Olympic of our first purchases!
After a short flight we did the last bit of paperwork necessary to get to meet our daughter.
We traveled with an amazing group of parents. Honestly..we couldn't have asked for a more fun, supportive group. We waited about 15 minutes in a hot, stuffy Civil Affairs Office for our daughters to be escorted in by their Chinese nannies. They had just come from a 6+ hour ride on an unairconditioned bus. And yet, in true Chinese fashion, the babies were all in sweatsuits and socks. :)

And then our girl, our sweet Chinese daughter, that we had prayed for and loved for so long was handed to us and our eyes were opened and our hearts changed...

We are thankful that we walked the road to our daughter and are amazed at the way she has changed our world. This child, I could love no more. You, Lindsey, are a light and joy.


  1. so cute--- i love seeing gotcha day photos and seeing parents' expressions at the first sight of their child:)

  2. so beautiful! Tears of joy are flowing! What a beautiful girl and beautiful family!!!

  3. Tears my friend!! I'm so glad you made that flight but being a die hard Amazing Race fan I can only imagine what fun that was dashing through that airport. What a day!

  4. So wonderful! Thank you for sharing your story as it gives renewed courage to those of us still "in the race." :)

  5. Love this story Kelly!! How exciting that you are going to do this all again! =)

  6. Absolutely beautiful!!! She is precious!!

    Happy Gotcha Day, Lindsey! :)