Monday, July 18, 2011

The year of the hermit crab

Do you remember the parable of the persistent widow? We could write our own about persistent sons. These two have asked for hermit crabs every year while on our beach trip since the time they could talk. We have always said no or "the week is just starting, maybe we can come back toward the end of the week" Not. I don't know why we have never let them--either way, this year, we broke.
If we had known the fun and happiness these crabs would have delivered, we may have said yes sooner. (I'm feeling a bit sorry for my pet deprived children.)

Besides hermit crab races and training..our week was full of sunshine, cousins, fishing, swimming, and laughter. Here are some random photos from the week:
"What is good?" Micah 6:8 t-shirts

Did I mention how many cousins my children have on my side of the family? 16!!
I heart family!
beach vacations where we are ALL together!
I am hoping by next year's vacation there will be one more in the picture and one less orphan without a family. Until then, I will relish in the family that I have been so blessed to be a part of.

I have decided to keep the below sale going--no more freebie surprises, though. I'll update if we get close to sold out. We've sold about half of the shirts. Thank you!!


  1. Such cute photos! Looks like so much fun - I LOVE the beach!!!! :)

  2. what a fun time at the beach!! that group cousins photo looks like my family, there are 14 cousins on my side of the family, ages 12 and under. That equals some super crazy times!!!

  3. Summers don't seem complete without cousins, do they? Glad you enjoyed your days with ALL the family! Enjoy your crabs. ;-)

  4. LOVE FAMILY - he he he- yeah!!!! There are 16 cousins in our little part of the world within 20mins of each other :) Oldest 13 youngest 10 months :) WE LOVE IT!!! SOOOO special. Enjoy your time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. So fun!!! We love the beach! We are hoping and praying we have a new little one in our next year's beach pics too! :)

  6. Ahhhh, yes, the hermit crabs!!! I know them all too well as we came home with 3 from our vacay this year!! Looks like you all had a great time. We are LOVING our cups!!

  7. The title of this post made me giggle!

    Brooke Annessa

  8. Oh, I just love that you let the boys get hermit crabs! We're heading to the beach for a free stay this weekend... hoping for sun, and so thankful for the time together as a family.

  9. Love the pictures! What a happy bunch!

  10. Brittany and I checked this out tonight. Looks great- especially the picture of me! Love you- Gil

    I remember when lindsey first found miccah at the lake. I had a doll named rosey and lucy had sarah. Little did I know that every time after that lindsey would have miccah. I love u and micah!