Friday, July 15, 2011

Weekend Clearance

Do you remember these pictures?
These were taken last fall when we first started selling t-shirts. Way back then, we only had the black color to offer. I have to say...I love this shirt. I am a fan of the black/white and (heart) the "147 million orphan" line. (The word adopt is thrown around today in reference to all sorts of things: pets, highways, etc..)

I feel like the first two lines are the HUG and the last is the PUNCH.

So, we still have many of these shirts and are in the process of some BIG changes in our blog and fundraising. Therefore, we are clearing out some of our "in home" stock to make room for some new gear we are planning on adding in mid-August.

First on the auction (or sales) block are the original black "got love?' tees. And although I am a bit sad to see these go, I am excited to see how God is moving and growing us. This weekend is YOUR chance to purchase a bit of history of our Minus 1 Project. I am sure it doesn't mean nearly as much to you as it does to me.....but it is a great deal!! :)

Each t-shirt only $12, including shipping. $12 only!! We have a few of the long sleeve, $15. I'll be choosing 5 packages (randomly) and including a bonus gift..something else from our in-stocks. I'll wait to post these winners until mid week, so they can be surprised when they open their packages. The next best thing besides a guessing game, in my opinion, is a surprise.

Here are the sizes available (short sleeve):

ADULT LARGE (only a few left)

We also have a few long sleeve shirts: ADULT MEDIUM, ADULT LARGE $15 (very limited)
Sizes are limited so if we get low on a size I will update our list. Order by using the donate button--$12 for each short sleeve shirt, $15 for each long sleeve, leave your size choice in the "comment to seller" section or email me.

Happy Purchasing to you and Clearing Out to me! Have a great weekend, friends.


  1. I'm seeing my dad this weekend so hopefully I'll get my shirt soon! I got the bib -thank you! Only ONE problem...

    I'm still missing a little girl!

    Brooke Annessa

  2. Hiya Kelly, I wasn't sure how to email you, so I apologize in advance for leaving a comment here. But I am in the process of making a quilt out of adoption shirts and was wondering if you'd be willing to do a t-shirt trade (shirt for shirt). Please let me know if you'd be willing/interested. Thanks!!
    --Mariko (marikoonophoto at