Friday, October 7, 2011

Bear with me here...

I came across this quote from Ryan Bomberger in an article written about Steve Jobs.

"It's amazing to me that, in 2011, especially among Christians, how foreign a concept adoption is. Adoption is the essence of salvation. There is no Christianity without adoption, in the spiritual sense. Yet, in the physical sense, it is rarely considered an option"

It is rarely considered an option. Wow! I read and reread this--posted in on facebook hoping others would read and think about the impact of this statement. Do most people not even consider adoption an option. Do they quickly dismiss it as it's great for you, but just not for me options?

It kind of took me back to the old question: Is every Christian called to adopt? And I REALLY got to thinking--dangerous and scary all in one! You know the saying, thinking out loud? Well, I'm here blogging out loud. I'm not trying to offend or accuse. I am in no way saying that I am right, just blogging.

Do we need to be called to give food to the hungry. Do you need the Lord to speak and confirm whether or not you should offer some money to a family who needs some extra to make it to the next month? Do you need to wait and wait for a clear answer before helping someone in need?

Now, I completely understand that adopting a child is much bigger than taking a meal or writing a check. And I am not under minding those things--they are needed and can speak volumes of love and servanthood.

What I'm contemplating is the need for the lighting bolt answer or push to adopt. Should it not, at most, be an option. The orphan crisis is huge--stretching from local to international. The number of Christian families is much larger across the globe than the number of adoptable orphans.

"We have the opportunity to unleash purpose in a child waiting to be loved. All I know is that loving them unconditionally, adopted or biological, will allow their God-given purpose to flourish"

Shouldn't this opportunity at least be an option for all of us?

You can read the article in its entirety HERE.


  1. Love this post. Agree 100%


  2. Totally agree! Everyone we meet thinks it is great that we adopted, they love Mia and want her but when I tell them Mia has plenty of friends waiting for families they dismiss it, conversation over. People are really missing out. Adoption has forever changed our family and who we are for the better!

  3. Great article, thanks for sharing! I think that Christians are missing out as well as the children. God has used this process to grow me in a way that never would have happened without it. Is it always fun - oh NO - but it's always real, and He always shows up and knows what's best!

  4. Love this! I feel like I want to write posts like this all the time, very well said!

  5. I'm giving you a big AMEN! I wish that more defaulted to adoption, especially when struggle with infertility.

  6. This is so great. Its what I want to shout to my family, friends and fellow church members. Because even if someone doesn't take that leap of faith, it should still be talked about and there are still kids who need advocates. Its not all or nothing. It should be apart of our every day lives no matter if you are adopting or not. Adoption is not just about bringing a child into your home. It goes way past that. Everyone can have a part of this wonderful thing without actually adopting. And everyone should be apart of it somehow or another. Although, what better way than to bring home a child? I feel like I've said the same thing 2 or 3 times here, but it just needs repeating. Maybe someone will get it!!