Monday, October 3, 2011


If you have been following this blog since the summer, you may remember my post about our beach trip and the hermit crab purchase. Here's a recap: Our boys have been asking for years and years to get hermit crabs at the beach. This year on a whim we said, "yes".

Upon returning home from the beach the boys played and played with the hermit crabs, well, as much as you CAN play with hermit crabs. Two out of the three have survived--hermit crabs, not children, although Ethan did get a nasty pinch on his thumb that required a band aid for several days!!

And you know the saying: give 'em an inch and they'll take a mile!?

And so it began: the asking for more pets. We are a bit limited because of allergies. When the boys were little (before the girls) we had a bunny. Ben managed to drag the old rabbit cage from the basement and clean it. He saved his money, convinced we would say yes to something that could live in that cage. We eventually agreed to a guinea pig.

Fast forward a week: we arrive to PetSmart for our pet purchase only to find out that they had free baby guinea pigs in the back. (FYI: Apparently, when a pet has babies at the store they cannot sell them. They often have small animal babies for adoption. Good to know: we like free and we love adoption! :)

--I did feel a bit uncomfortable with all the "adoption" talk about this rodent. I know I might be a bit sensitive with this issue, but it seemed a bit ridiculous using that term. There is an adoption center where you sign your papers and appropriately so, some of us were wearing our "got love?" shirts. I'm thinking the gal thought we were a bit nutso over guinea pig adoption!--

And so it is that Smokey has come to reside in our home.
I have to say...I am not a big fan of animals but this little guy is really cute. He is very cuddly and personable as he squeaks at you when you enter the room and purrs while being scratched.

He fits right in around here!


  1. You know what we learned after working with them at the shelter? They are happiest in pairs! So like adoption goes you can't stop at just one can you? LOL Ok, I won't tell your kids though. He seems plenty happy as an only g pig :) Too funny about wearing the got love shirts to adopt it! I guess it works.

  2. I got a "pair" of "girls" for my 8th birthday...

    And then I had 3 more little "girls".


  3. Awww....cute!!!

    We have 2 dogs, a cat, and 2 gerbils :) he he he!

  4. I heard they actually make good pets! I just can't help but wonder...what's next. ;-)