Sunday, October 23, 2011

The unscrambler is back!

We have a new item that we are adding to the store next week. I realized it should arrive just in time for our end-of-the-month give-away!!

Here are the rules:
-Over the next week some letters in my blog posts will be in color. (To insure that they stand out easily.)
-All the letters in the name of our new fundraising item will be revealed by Fri. 10/28.
-You need to email,, or message me through facebook your guess. Don't leave your guess here as a comment!
-You may guess as often as you like.
-All guesses must be in by Sun. 10/30 evening.
-The names of all the correct guessers will go in a pot.
-Winner and our new item will be posted Mon. 10/31


  1. Oh GREAT! Because this didn't make me crazy enough last time!


  2. I don't know whether I should be delighted or horrified, that last descrambler tormented me into the wee hours of the night!

  3. i agree with the first two comments! but i do love a challenge! bring it on!

  4. Fun and it also drove me crazy! :) Looking forward to it!