Monday, October 24, 2011


Our family has a new favorite hobby:


If you have never heard of it or have never tried it, the best place to start is at .

In a nutshell, there are small geocaching boxes hidden all over the United States. You can put in your address under the "Hide and Seek Cache". A map (that can be downloaded to your phone) will show where you can find the boxes. And then the hunt begins!

The boxes are typically filled with trinkets, a log book and pencil. Rule has it that if you take a trinket, you need to put one in. (Our kids each take a few things with them in case they want to trade out for what they find.) You can purchase geocache travel bugs and coins that are trackable. It is a really neat activity to watch your "bug" travel from box to box. (The person who moves it, registers the movement on line.)

I really should have Ethan writing this post--he is much more in the know about this. He's even made his own box that is hidden not too far from our house.

It does make for a very fun, free family outing especially on a beautiful fall day.
You never know where the map will lead you.
Just may run into some wild animals during your search!
*taken on Tim's phone yesterday while searching for a geocache box.

(Don't forget to collect the colored letters and begin to arrange them to spell out our new fundraising item. See post below for details.)


  1. Honestly never heard of this but it sounds like a blast!


  2. We love geocaching! We don't have a smart phone, but the hubs has a handheld GPS that we can download caches on. We haven't been in a while though...I think it's time to go again! Thanks for the reminder!